Pink Shmink


A proper way to describe my week. I apologize for not being able to post anything recently due to loads of home works, quizzes and projects my teachers have been diligently requiring.

Now to the outfit…

I wore this outfit three nights ago at a friend’s debut. We were told to wear either pink or white, since these were her favorite colors. I went with the color pink since I didn’t have a pink top and I already had a lot of white’s. Why not try something new right?

Here it is.


What I’m wearing: Pink Polo (Basic House), Brown Pants (Oxygen), Bracelets (Aldo), Belt (Memo), Watch (Timex), Shoes (Sebago)


Aside from wearing a pink polo, it was also my first time to shop at “The Basic House” since it just opened in CDO. When I buy polos, I’m usually worried about whether or not it would fit me well (Most polos are too short for me). Amazingly, this polo had a perfect fit. So if you guys have the same problem as me, I recommend you check out this store. It’s located at Centrio, 2nd floor near Robinson’s Department Store.


I was supposed to pair the pink top with a pair of black pants to be safe since black goes with anything. But then I thought to myself, “You never know until you try.”

What do you guys think?

Photos by: Florence Velasco

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  • Hi Drew! I like how you decided to pair the pink polo with brown pants instead of the usual black pants. The outfit looks more fun yet still minimal at the same time. Keep posting more! 🙂

  • Emilyn Trisha

    So hot right now.