Bensimon CDO Launching

Hey guys!

I was supposed to post this a few days ago, but due to internet problems I didn’t get to. Bummer, right? But don’t ya worry, it’s finally here.

My first ever event experience as a blogger with Bensimon. Enjoy!


Last Friday, I went to an event which was held at Spruce Centrio Mall. It was the launching of Bensimon CDO.


Bensimon is a French lifestyle brand by brothers Serge and Yves Bensimon. They were passionate about advocating the Parisian love of life. And their creation of the Bensimon sneakers is believed to have embodied what true Parisian love of life is – simple, effortless and natural.

IMG_8175 (2)

IMG_8172 (2) IMG_8171 (2)

IMG_8186 (2)

IMG_8197 (2)

Here are Itos and Ate Lai telling us some trivias about these awesom-azing sneakers.


IMG_8210 (2)

Bensimon offers a variety of colors and different designs from high cut, slip-on, and laced sneakers are also available.

IMG_8217 (2)

Trivia: Bensimon sneakers have no black colored sneakers for sale.


IMG_8170 (2)

In the event, there was a trivia portion (sort of like a Q&A), and the one who gets to answer correctly receives a Bensimon bag. And guess what, I got one! 🙂 haha!


Met these awesome bunch of people (bloggers and photgraphers).

Grabbed these photos from the Instagram of Itos (@cjfelesedario) and Mia Durano (@itsmiadurano)


Everyone who went signed the “Who Will Wear Bensimon?” poster.


And lastly, the perfectly imperfect Bensimon sneakers can only be bought here at Spruce located at the 2nd floor of the Centrio Mall. So if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check them out!

#BensimonCDO #BensimonPH

What do you guys think? Esp on my photography skills 😉

Photos by: Me

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