I don’t know why but I really love wearing button-downs. I mean, they’re quite versatile because they can be worn for normal day-to-day activities, semi-formal or even for formal events. You just need the right pants and shoes to match them with to make them look casual, semi-formal, or formal.  That’s probably why I really like them 🙂

For this particular outfit, I was going for a semi-formal look, one where you can wear to meetings or parties. With this, you don’t look too formal nor too casual.


What I’m wearing: Paisley Chambray Button (Uniqlo), Black Jeans (Uniqlo), Accessories (WAGW Man and SM Accessories), Tan Boat Shoes (Sperry Top-Siders)



Black Jeans from Uniqlo


Uniqlo is one of the shops I visited and loved when I went to Manila. It came from Japan and successfully opened a lot of branches in Manila and the first branch in Mindanao at SM Lanang, Davao. The amazing thing about this brand is that since it’s an Asian brand, the sizes of their clothes are great for us Filipinos! When you happen to visit Davao or Manila, don’t forget to drop by Uniqlo!


If you’ve noticed, I always add bracelets to my outfits. It’s because they add a little life to the whole outfit. But I always make sure that: 1) It matches the whole outfit, like the colors don’t look weird or awkward and 2) It doesn’t draw too much attention or it doesn’t overpower the outfit.



Paisley Chambray Button Down from Uniqlo | The paisley deets on this chambray button-down is just the best!


*Awkward happy smile*

Stay tuned for more exciting surprises here on my blog! Workin’ on something new for you guys 🙂 God bless!

Photos by: Florence Velasco

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