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The Pablique x Nested Thoughts

During the first few days of my stay here in Cebu, I was browsing random blogs in search of a layout artist for my blog because I wanted to revamp the look of my blog. And fortunately I found one. I immediately PM-ed her through Facebook and from then on we communicated.

Out of my curiosity, I stalked her and found out that she was a blogger too and what got me excited was the fact that she is based in Cebu City. So I asked her if she was up for a collab and she immediately agreed.

We decided to have a themed outfit for our collab which was summer boho but I think mine was more of boho chic.

Here are some of our photos:

What I’m Wearing: Aztec Button Down (Terranova), Khaki Pants (H&M), Watch (Aldo)and Brown Desert Boots (River Island)

Here’s a mini-interview I did with Kat:

Who is Katherine?

Katherine is 3-year old style blogger from Cebu. If you like cats, travelling, high-waisted jeans, detective movies/TV series, and anything with mint+chocolate, then you’ll get along just fine with her.

What does she blog about?

Kat blogs about her personal style which includes her random and/or regular ootd’s. She also records about food spots she’d been to around her hometown such as cafes, restaurants and the like. Not only that, she also does DIY posts.

Why “Nested Thoughts”?

She has undergone several blog title changes in her early blogging career til she came up with the best so far. “Nested”, in other words, a collection contained within a collection; a series; a set… of “Thoughts”. Now that’s how it completed the meaning of her blog title. And since the word “nested” is commonly used in her field of study which is IT, it perfectly fits her.

What does she do besides blogging?

 Kat works as a web developer in an IT company located in Cebu City. She also designs blogs. At home, she regularly feeds and takes care of two kittens and a puppy which don’t even belong to her. She’s a pet lover like that.

What do I like about Andrew?

Drew is a really friendly dude. I like how he’s kind and sociable. As far as I’ve known him, I can really tell that he’s passionate about what he’s doing and that would be being the blogger that he is now.

If you could share 3 tips for anyone interested in pursuing a blogging career, what would they be?

(1) First and foremost, you should know your niche. What do you love doing? What are you passionate about? That would mainly comprise your blog. (2) When you finally find your niche, you should be original as much as possible. You should be yourself no matter what. A part of being interesting is telling your story. You should be creative in your own way. (3) As a person with a keen eye on details, having high/good quality photos and an eye-catching blog layout also have a big impact to your blogging career.

Check out her mini-interview of me at her blog, here.

Stay tuned for my Camotes Island adventure up here next week!

Photos by: Katherine Cutar

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