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The moment I knew I was going to have my internship in Cebu, I immediately searched for possible places such as cafes, restaurants, shops and other interesting places to visit and took note of them.

While searching, I found out that there was a group called Insta Meet Cebu which sparked my interest. So I went to their Instagram account and saw that they have this monthly gathering and anyone from Cebu can participate. Out of my excitement, I commented on the photo regarding when the next meet up will happen because I really wanted to join, meet and make new friends while in Cebu.

A few days after my weekend at Camotes, InstaMeetCebu posted a photo with the details of the next meet up.

A photo posted by InstameetCebu (@instameetcebu) on

What got me even more excited was that it was going to be held at Cafe Racer–one of the cafes I really wanted to go to since my arrival in Cebu.

Fast forward to the day of the meet up.

The theme was comfort so I decided to go for a basic and minimalist look.

What I’m Wearing: Stripped Polo Shirt (The Basics by K and D), Black Jeans (Terranova), Hoodie (H&M), Watch (Aldo), and Sneakers (New Balance)

I’ve always wanted a pair of 574’s but I couldn’t find the right ones for me back in CDO. And to my surprise Cebu has a lot of fresh New Balance stocks!

If you’re looking for kicks that are comfortable and stylish, you should go get yourself a pair of 574s. What I love most about these shoes is that they are so versatile that you can wear them for casual and semi-formal attires (If they are matched properly).


A group of bloggers, photographers, and people who simply love taking photos and sharing them on Instagram. That’s what we are. Met eleven of these individually awesome and artistic people!


“A diverse community of passionate individuals who express their stories and ideas through creativity and collaboration.” – InstaMeetCebu


If you love to share your photos through Instagram and reside in Cebu, you should try joining one of their meet-ups. It’s really fun plus you get to meet these amazing bunch of people! Hoping to see you at this month’s InstaMeetCebu!

Going to feature my photographer friend, EJ, in my next outfit post! 🙂

Photos by: EJ Casio (OOTD) & InstaMeetCebu

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