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It’s been weeks since I’ve been back here in CDO. School has been my number one priority at the moment especially because I’m already in my last year (hopefully) in college! I can’t believe it! All the blood, sweat, and tears are finally going to pay off!

The thought of graduating is just surreal and I can’t help but wonder what I’m going to do after or where I’m going to be.

Anyway, since I’ve been back, Cebu has been on my mind because I miss everything about the city so much and I really can’t wait to go back!

You’re probably wondering why the title of this entry is a Rihanna song; it’s because this was one of my top played songs during my stay in Cebu and hearing it makes me nostalgic.

One of the highlights of my Cebu experience was the #HYPERCEBU 2.0 event because I got to meet and interact with some top bloggers from Cebu. I also had the opportunity to sell some of my clothes and accessories for the first time (people actually bought from me).

Here are the photos of what I wore during the event:

What I’m wearing: NYC Shirt (TopMan), Black Shorts (Forever 21), Hoodie (H&M), Sneakers (New Balance), and Sunglasses (Sunnies Studios)

NYC Shirt from TopMan

I always wanted to do a “going-up-the-stairs” shoot! Finally got to do it!

What’s interesting is that the person behind the camera, Ej, finally got to launch his own blog! Check it out, here.

There’s going to be a lot of holidays (both school and national) later this month so I’m really hoping our teachers don’t give us too much work so that I will be able to post more entries for you guys! Have a great week ahead 🙂

Photos by: Ej Casio

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