zChocolat: Review

How was your Valentine’s Day? Was it sweet or was it bitter?

For me, it a mix of both because I had to leave for Manila on the 14th of February for an urgent agenda which I’m gonna share to you guys soon and because of that I didn’t have a date 🙁
However, a day before I left for Manila, I received a package all the way from Paris, France from zChocolat which made my Valentine’s Day literally sweet!

zChocolat, a gourmet chocolate delivery, specializes in sending luxury French chocolate gifts worldwide. Each chocolate is hand-made by world-champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet with all-natural European ingredients and with no preservatives, no alcohol, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter.

I must admit I was very impressed because zCholocat’s packaging is just impeccable! The box of chocolates is contained in a small drawstring bag with a booklet that consists of their products and a special message for the recipient.

(Photo credits to zChocolat)

I didn’t take a solo photo of the chocolates I received because some of the chocolates melted while on their way to my place. I did my best to take a decent photo of them but it still didn’t look good. So I opted to use a photo from zChocolat which matched the box of 15 chocolates sent to me.

Upon trying the chocolates, I was all the more amazed because the chocolates were both delicate and decadent! And each of the 15 chocolates consisted of unique flavors that I am sure you haven’t encountered.

zChocolat Box of 15 Price: PHP 2,406.4 (USD 51.20)

It may seem a bit expensive but the quality of each chocolate, impeccable packaging, to the exceptional customer service makes it all worth the price.

Indeed, zChocolat is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. Make their day extraordinary by sending them a box with your special message.

 Thank you so much zChocolat for making my Valentine’s Day special by sending this box over! 🙂

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