I can’t believe I’m going to be graduating in a few weeks! That’s actually the reason why I’ve been very inactive lately; but I am glad to be back to blogging since my group just finished our thesis and we’re just waiting and preparing for our final defense.

Now to the outfit post, as most of you know I am a huge fan of black and white clothing. So it’s not a surprise that for this blog entry I went for an all black ensemble.

What I’m wearing: Graphic Tee (Oxygen), Black Tattered Jeans (Pull&Bear), Sunnies (EyeKnowRight), and Sneakers (Adidas)

I really like how tattered jeans can add an edgy feel to your normal day-to-day t-shirt and jeans outfit which probably is the reason why it’s becoming a trend now.

Thanks for visiting and tell me what you think by making a comment below! 🙂

Photos by: EJ Casio

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