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Conquering Failure


What comes into your mind when you hear that word?

Probably it reminds you of that grade you worked so hard for but didn’t get, that board exam you reviewed for but didn’t pass, that relationship you tried to save but didn’t work out or that job interview you wanted to ace but apparently for some reason you weren’t accepted.

Well my friend, let me remind you that failure is inevitable. But what matters most is how you deal with it.

Yes, it’s alright to feel bad about failing because that’s usually the normal human reaction. However, people have different ways of coping; some people cry it out, others are more physical about it such as channeling their anger through boxing or sports, and others just feel sad which is okay and normal but only to a certain extent.

Personally I do the latter. Recently, I experienced failure in my life. Although failure isn’t new to me, this one really hit me to the core to the point that I became so caught up in my failure that it crippled me. And once you’re stuck in that rut, it gets worse as each day passes by. You start to be insecure then later on you feel like you’re not good enough, and on and on to the point that you no longer want to do anything because you’re afraid of failing.

Indeed, failure cripples you. It crippled me. Discouraged me. Unmotivated me. But I then realized, that it was my choice that allowed all this to happen.

So I decided to stop letting my failure consume me and accept what happened. That’s the first step. Get out of that rut because nothing’s going to change if you’re just gonna keep staying there.

Second, you have to train your mind to see failure as something good. Allow it to mold you to become better and let that failure breed something good out of you instead of making you bitter and insecure.

Last, never ever give up. Yes, you may have failed but it’s not the end of your life. And to be honest, you may end up failing again in the future but don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals in life.

I chose to make this entry more personal because I am aware that there are other people out there who are discouraged, unmotivated, and crippled because at some point in their lives they have failed or see themselves as a failure. You may not be struggling in this specific area in your life but how about the people around you? Would you want to see your loved ones continue suffering? Choose to talk to them and encourage them. Message some old friends, ask them how they are, and catch up. There’s nothing sweeter than making them feel you remembered them.

To anyone there who’s struggling with failure in their lives right now, don’t allow yourself to stay in that place. Welcome failures in your life and learn from them. And then you can let go of it and start over.

What I’m Wearing: Graphic Tee (Aeropostale), Bomber Jacket (Forever 21), Tattered Jeans (Pull&Bear), Snapback (Rhipstop), Watch (Nixon), and White Sneakers (Adidas)

Photos by: Jaymar Patana

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