The Beginning

Last week, someone messaged me in Instagram to do a blog post on how I became a blogger which got me thinking why I haven’t shared my story with you guys. Here it goes!

Ever since I was a college student, I already followed several bloggers both in the Philippines and international ones specifically fashion or menswear bloggers. On 2013, Cagayan De Oro City started to prosper economically and that was also the time when Ayala Centrio opened which meant a whole new shopping experience for the Kagay-anons.

A question then popped in my mind, “Why don’t you start a blog?”. But then I brushed it off at first because I had a lot of doubts about it. A week later, I still kept thinking about it. So I decided to search for local fashion bloggers which led me to only a handful and most if not all were female. My mind was clouded with more hesitations which led me to seek advice from my friends. They then encouraged me to just try it out because I won’t know if I’m good at it if I don’t try.

For those who don’t know, I started with because I wanted to test the waters if there would be positive feedback. Surprisingly, most of the feedback given were good but of course as a beginner, there was still a lot to improve on. This then motivated me to purchase my own domain and started blogging more.

During the time I was revamping my own domain, I thought to myself, what’s the purpose of this all? Why am I doing this?

I didn’t want to blog and or even do things without a purpose. It took me several days to come up with a name for my blog that really encapsulated my purpose and vision for my blog. A close friend then suggested, “The Pablique” which came from my family name, Pablico which also sounds like the word, “public”.

“For the public, with the public.” That’s what my blog is all about.

I’ve always been amazed by how social media can change the minds and lifestyle of people through what they put out to the public. I want to be a part of this movement. I want to be a part of a great tide that revolutionizes a generation slowly but surely in a positive light by sharing my life in tidbits of style, adventure, food, events and random insights here and there. I will do all this in hope to empower and inspire you–the public. I do all this not on my own but with my partner who inspires and gives me something worthwhile to put out to the social world.

Who is my partner? It’s you–the public.

Blogging has always brought me a lot of great joy. Yes, I may have not been as consistent as other bloggers but I’m working on it! For the past three years, I’ve been learning a lot with regards to photography, digital marketing, and public relations. Plus, blogging has really improved my communication skills and led me to establish friendships with people I never expected I’d be friends with!

So for you out there who’s dying to start something new such as a hobby or a sport or whatever it is, I highly encourage you to try it out! Except if it’s illegeal such as drugs (Haha!)

1. It’s may be scary at first but then again, as the lyrics of the Coldplay song goes, “If you never try, you’ll never know”.

2. You might regret not being able to do it.

3. No one ever achieved anything by letting fear consume them.

Now on to my outfit post, here are some photos of my current favorite summer staple:

What I’m Wearing: Plaid Button-Down (Cotton On), Black Shorts (Forever 21), Eyewear (EyeBuyDirect), Watch (Aldo), and Boat Shoes (Sperry Top-Sider)

Button-downs and shorts always my favorite go-to outfit especially this summer because I wanna go for something comfortable yet stylish. Then I added some accessories such as sunnies or specs and a leather watch to compliment my laidback look.

Before I end this post, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who has been supporting my blog, The Pablique! I’m very much grateful to announce that I am one of the nominees of the Urban Life Awards 2016 as Lifestyle Blogger of the Year.

Again, thank you so much and please show your support by casting your votes for me by clicking this link, here.

PS: If you have any suggestions on what you want me to blog about next, please do leave a comment down below or feel free to message me in my social media accounts! 🙂

Photos by: Jaymar Patana

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  • Mario Manlupig

    Been in the lookout for local style bloggers… Cheers to more posts…

  • Ejypt Del Rosario

    Congrats! Have always been wanting to start my own domain but do not know how. I’m stuck on blogspot and tumblr. Haha!

    • Thank you Ejypt! To be honest, I didn’t know how to start one myself. Haha! Shoot me an e-mail, I’ll do my best to help you get started 🙂