Borawan Escapade

Every time I’m in Manila, I usually stay within the metro specifically around Pasay, Makati or Taguig. However, during my previous trip, I stayed in San Juan because my friends Cha Ocampo and Russ Kikuchi offered to house me (temporarily adopt me) for the CloseUp Forever Summer event. And since I was staying over for an extra two days, we semi-planned to go out of town after the event and go beach-ing.

Fast forward to the day after CloseUp (our initial departure day), we didn’t get to leave for two reasons: one, we were super duper exhausted from the rave party; the other, we still didn’t know where to go for our trip. So we decided to use that day to both rest and look for a place to go for a day trip for the next day. We also called up some of our friends and invited them to go with us. However, the only one who was free was Karl because all the others were not available. After a few hours of searching, we finally found the right place to visit – Borawan!

Borawan Island is located in the Quezon Province near the town Padre Burgos. The island is named after a combination of two famous places in the Philippines. “Bora-“ from Boracay because the island had white sand beaches and “-wan” from Palawan because of the different rock formations it consists of.

The following day, around 2 AM, we went to the JAC Liner Terminal in Buendia and rode the bus going to Lucena City Grand Terminal which took us approximately 4 hours.

Tip: If you wanna make use of your time wisely, it’s better to leave early (around 2 or 3 in the morning) to avoid traffic.

Upon arriving Lucena, we took the mini-bus bound for Unisan. During the bus ride, a random stranger asked me where we were headed and I told him we were bound for Borawan. The conversation prompted him to give us a contact person to bring us to the island whose name was Kuya Ambet. Thank you again Kuya stranger for helping us out!

Side comment: For you guys who are interested to visit Borawan, I read in several blogs that you may opt to go there without a contact person however you may have difficulty looking for boat driver to transport you to the island. So it’s better to have a contact person ahead of time. 

We were dropped off at the first port or set-off point going to the island. Take note that there are three ports going to Borawan and it will depend on your contact as to which port you need to go to. After making negotiations with our boat driver, we finally boarded the boat to the island.

Here’s a little photo and video diary of our spontaneous trip:

Backpacks from Herschel Supply | Sunnies from ZeroUV

Watch the video till the end to see Cha & Russ do the running man challenge 😉

One of the best things about this trip was that we got to island hop and visit three different beaches in one day!

So if you’re around Manila and you wanna go on an adventure with a budget, then this is the place for you! As I can recall, we spent around ₱ 2,100 per person. You’ll be able to save much more if you bring your own food because the food there is quite expensive.

Anywhoo, for more travel photos, you may visit my Instagram (@pablico) or check out the hashtag #ThePabliqueExplores. Till next time! 🙂

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