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Style Origin: Good Vibes Festival 2016

Last July 2, 2016, I was invited to two events — Mindanao Gold Star Daily’s Urban Life Awards 2016 and Centrio Ayala Mall’s Style Origin: Good Vibes Festival 2016What’s more interesting about these two events was that they were both on the same hour. Until now I still can’t believe I actually survived! Imagine, two different events in two different locations with two different outfits. Crazy right? I’m glad I didn’t have to go through all of that alone! Shoutout to Mia Durano and Paola Paladio, let’s not do this again, okay?

Urban Life Awards 2016

Two years ago, Mindanao Gold Star Daily launched the first ever Urban Life Awards. It’s the biggest lifestyle awards here in Cagayan de Oro that occurs biennially “in search for the city’s best”. And this year, they decided to make it bigger and better by adding more categories and awards.

During the event, I sat with my blogging mentors, Sir Vic Madriaga of, Sir Mike Abonitalla of & Ms. Irene Aserios of and told them in advance that I couldn’t stay too long so I might not be around during the announcement of the category I was nominated in — Lifestyle Blogger of the Year. I asked them to message me as soon as the results were announced.

While in the car, I got a bit nervous because of too much anticipation of the possible results. In a little while, I got a text from one of my friend saying, “Congratulations!”. My face lightened up because I knew somehow that that single message meant something positive. It was confirmed when I received another text message from my mentor telling me that I won the award!

I had mixed emotions at that time. I felt elated for a moment but I let go of the feeling for a while because I needed to focus on the next event. But now that I’ve fully processed things, I would like to first and foremost thank God because without Him, I am nothing. Thank you also to my friends and followers who have been supporting me all the way, you guys are the best! To be honest, this “title” is very pressuring because I still see myself as a young blogger. However, I will really do my best to provide quality content and update my blog regularly.

I would also like to congratulate my fellow #SanctuaryGlamTeam because they too won in their individual categories:

Sanctuary Beautycare and Wellness for Spa of the Year

Ms. Lenlen Anaya for Hair and Make-up Artist of the Year

Mr. Joma Corrales for Photographer of the Year

Ms. Isabelle Suazo for Top Model of the Year

To know more about how I became a blogger, check out my previous blog post by clicking here.

Style Origin: Good Vibes Festival 2016

As we arrived in the parking lot of Centrio, we were already panicking because the pre-show was about to start and we still haven’t changed to our outfits! We ran as fast as we could and got to the holding area just in the nick of time!

In the backstage, the community models (local influencers) had different ways of coping with the anxiety they were experiencing (or was that just me?). Some were silent, some were chatting with co-models, and others took selfies with the Manila models/influencers such as Janina Manipol, Tola Orendain, Jessica Yang, Carlo Guevara, and Daniel Velasco to name a few.

Every year, all Ayala Malls nationwide, celebrate a series of fashion and lifestyle events through Style Origin. For the past years, it has featured the works of several Filipino designers and has showcased different retails brands in community fashion shows.  This year, Style Origin brings the fashion experience to a whole new dimension as music, art and style are combined by creating a runway showcase that will invigorate, excite and inspire.

As soon as I heard Janeena Chan‘s voice starting to welcome the people to the event, my heart was pumping even faster! Just to be clear with you guys, being in front of (or posing for) the camera and walking on the runway are two very different things. To be honest, I never liked the idea of the latter because of my bad posture and it’s just really awkward. However, what I liked about this certain show is that while you’re walking you are allowed to dance or be quirky if you want to. So what me and my Original Penguin squad did was that we agreed to add some groove when we walked by dancing to the beat instead of just plainly walking.

Let me just tell you that I sort of embarrassed myself in front of hundreds of people by doing my awkward dance moves. Thankfully, Xian Lim went out to serenade the crowd after our set! I’d also like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Sidney Yap for styling all of the models and of course, Mr. Robby Carmona for directing the show that brought nothing but good vibes to everyone that night.

We’re all very happy and proud that the event was not only successful but it was also trending nationwide for several hours! Thank you Ayala Centrio Mall for making me a part of this year’s Style Origin! Already looking forward to the next one! 😉

To see more photos and details about the event, check out the hashtag, #StyleOriginAtCentrioAyalaMall in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or check out Centrio’s Facebook page.

Photos by: Henry De Guzman and JaCas Photography

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