SAMM—Your Ultimate Videoke Machine

Videoke has been a favorite pastime we Filipinos do. We have it during birthday parties, hangouts with our barakadas, family reunions, or even when we feel like singing our hearts out.

With the Sharp Active Multimedia System, or SAMM, you can now make the most out of your nights at home. It’s your videoke entertainment system—and more.

Complete with 1,200 licensed songs to choose from, SAMM is your best companion any day of the week. Now, you can sing your heart out without the guilt from expensive concert tickets or videoke room rentals. It comes with two microphone jacks for some double singing fun, friendly karaoke competition, or simply jamming and rocking to your favorite songs.

SAMM is equipped with a 3-way speaker system, ensuring quality sounds to accompany you all throughout the night. Plus with its crystal-clear LED monitor, make no song lyric mistakes and delight yourself with vivid music video images!

What I love about SAMM is that it’s not only made for videoke! SAMM also offers a multimedia player for any of your movie or music needs. It has a built-in TV tuner for your favorite TV shows and a USB port ready to read any image, video, or music format. Cool right?

Now you can also hold movie marathons, watch the latest TV shows, or play your favorite mp3 songs all-day and all-night long—all these, in just one system.

SAMM is also complete with HDMI connections for more input and output options and a choice between 24-inch (HK-LE2425UVP, HK-LE2415UVM) and 32-inch (HK-LE3225UVP, HK-LE3215UVM) LED monitors with models of two varying hardware designs that can complement any interior styling.

The Sharp Active Multimedia System—your ultimate videoke machine. Transforms work nights to SAMM nights, transform night outs to nights at home. Go now to an authorized Sharp dealer near you or visit and Sharp Philippines on Facebook (here) for more information about SAMM.

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