CDO Events Style

Style Origin: Good Vibes Festival 2016

Last July 2, 2016, I was invited to two events — Mindanao Gold Star Daily’s Urban Life Awards 2016 and Centrio Ayala Mall’s Style Origin: Good Vibes Festival 2016What’s more interesting about these two events was that they were both on the same hour. Until now I still can’t believe I actually survived! Imagine, two different events in two different locations with two different outfits. Crazy right? I’m glad I didn’t have to go through all of that alone! Shoutout to Mia Durano and Paola Paladio, let’s not do this again, okay?

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Borawan Escapade

Every time I’m in Manila, I usually stay within the metro specifically around Pasay, Makati or Taguig. However, during my previous trip, I stayed in San Juan because my friends Cha Ocampo and Russ Kikuchi offered to house me (temporarily adopt me) for the CloseUp Forever Summer event. And since I was staying over for an extra two days, we semi-planned to go out of town after the event and go beach-ing.

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