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#SmartMasskara Experience

Spontaneous. That was the first word that popped into my mind while writing this blog post. I’ve always wanted to go to Bacolod but I never had plans of visiting the place this year. However, that changed after SMART Communications sent me an invite last Wednesday to fly to the City of Smiles on Friday, 21st of October until the 23rd to experience the sought-after Masskara Festival.

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Weekend Getaway At Camotes Island

Last week, I tried opening my blog but I couldn’t access it. Some of you might have also experienced the same thing and I apologize for that. There were minor technical issues but no worries, everything’s fixed and fine already.

Now on to the blog post.

During my two weeks of being an intern at Wipro, I’ve learned a lot especially from phone screening to 201 filing to test administration. And it has been both fun and tiring. I’m really looking forward to learning and experiencing more in the upcoming weeks such as interviewing applicants and being part of a job fair!

It was so timely that the department I was assigned in, Talent Acquisition (Human Resources, in other words) along with the Finance Department, was going to have an outing on the 18th till 19th of April at Camotes Island. I was encouraged to join together with my co-interns so that we can bond with our superiors, get to know them outside work and explore Cebu. I was hesitant at first because my co-interns were not available but what drove me to push through and tag along was the fact that I really wanted to explore the beautiful islands and beaches of Cebu.

Going to Camotes will take you approximately three hours (one hour land trip plus two hours by sea). So we met up around 1:50 AM at our office because we wanted to arrive at the Port of Danao by 3:30 AM for us to catch the 5:30 AM barge. Unfortunately due to some ticketing problems at the port, we got the 7:30 AM trip.

Upon our arrival at Camotes, I was amazed by the clear blue-green water. I seriously couldn’t wait to get off the barge and swim already! But first we had to go to the resort to leave our bags before exploring the island (Lake Danao and different caves) and experiencing its majestic waters!

Here are the photos:

Exploring this beautiful island with my Havaianas flip-flops.

Went to that islet located in the middle-ish part of Lake Danao.

Ms. Sheila and I pretending to model our rash guards.

Santiago White Beach — it’s a really wide beach.

Some of the Talent Acquisition people.

Sunrise by the sea.

This surely is a place I’d love to go back to! However, I’m having another weekend get-away starting this Saturday at Malapascua Island with the same people. Hope you enjoyed this blog post, have a great day!

To track more of my adventures, follow my Instagram account, @pablico.

Photos by: Me and Ms. Nikki Jessa Garcia