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Borawan Escapade

Every time I’m in Manila, I usually stay within the metro specifically around Pasay, Makati or Taguig. However, during my previous trip, I stayed in San Juan because my friends Cha Ocampo and Russ Kikuchi offered to house me (temporarily adopt me) for the CloseUp Forever Summer event. And since I was staying over for an extra two days, we semi-planned to go out of town after the event and go beach-ing.

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Food Travel

Cake Draft Café

Café hopping is one of the things I like to do when I travel to a different city. I make it an effort to at least visit one or two local cafés before going back home. I don’t know if you share the same sentiments as me but simply being in a café relaxes me plus the smell of coffee and the delicious pastries.

Speaking of cafés, I’m very much excited to hopefully be able to visit this newly opened café – Cake Draft Cafè which is currently the hottest café in Antipolo City.

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Mug Cake from Whoppin’ Foods

Living in a fast-paced world, people opt for instant outcomes such as instant coffee, fast food and many more. These things make our lives much more convenient however, certain factors may be sacrificed like the taste of the coffee or food.

This blog entry will introduce you to something instant that does not sacrifice quality. Good news for all the sweet tooths out there! Whoppin’ Foods created a product that is convenient to us without ruining its quality and taste-their instant mug cake!

So these were the contents of the package:

Four (4) red packets of cake mix, marshmallows, caramel and chocolates. The extra stuff allow you to customize your own mug cake which is one thing I love about this product. Though I suggest you don’t limit yourself to the stuff inside the package. You can improvise and make use of other goodies to make your mug cake more delicious! Adding ice cream would be a great idea! (The mug is mine though)

The best thing about this mug cake is that it’s really simple to make!

Follow these three steps:

1. Pour the cake mix in a microwavable mug with three (3) tablespoons of water or milk. Mix well.

Tip: Don’t add too little or too much of milk or water because it may affect the texture of the cake.

2. Microwave the mug (uncovered) for one (1) minute.

Yes, just for one minute! Amazing, right?

3. Customize your mug cake while hot!

And poof you have one great-tasting mug cake!

To be honest, I was quite amazed of the outcome of my one-minute baking skills. The mug cake turned out to be just as sweet and moist as I wanted it to be.

I can’t wait to order more Whoppin’ mug cakes for me to enjoy with my friends and family. This would be an enjoyable product for sweet tooths, people who don’t have baking skills and basically for anyone who loves eating.

Lastly, the whole package is only for P150 only!

To know more about this product, visit their Facebook page here or you may contact them at 09228166443.